Performance Model

A journey of continuous improvement

The performance model creates a roadmap for continuous improvement against the Standard’s framework.  This approach is based on extensive research into the concepts of performance and change management and sets out the criteria for different levels of accreditation:

        • Accredited
        • Silver
        • Gold
        • Platinum

Simply put, the model describes the practices and outcomes required for better performance and higher accreditation.  Progression through the model maps out how practices are embedded within an organisation, starting at the "Developed" stage and progressing towards "High Performing".


Stage 1: Developed

The principles and practice are in place, communicated, and understood. Everyone in the organisation knows what is expected of them.

Stage 2 : Established

Employees are actively engaged in ensuring that principles and practices are applied consistently. These ways of thinking and behaving become second-nature within the organisation.

Stage 3: Advanced

Employees actively drive positive outcomes, taking ownership of the principles and practices, and applying their knowledge to solve new problems.

Stage 4: High Performing 

The principles and practices are fully integrated with wider activities. Employees take responsibility for delivering consistently positive results, always with an eye on future improvement.