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Our Outperformance Growth Programmes are designed for New Zealand owned businesses. We believe all businesses should have access to business knowledge, tools and strategies usually deployed by larger organisations. 

Whether entering our 6 month progrmame for medium sized firms or embarking on a tailored in-house programme the Outperformance Hub combines the power of the internationally respected Investors in People Standard and the i4 Leadership Model to help your business succeed through your people.

Using sound business insight, world best practice principles and tailored development modules the Outperformance Business Growth Programme will enable you to develop an outperforming culture by:

• Developing highly effective leaders and managers.

• Creating a high level of employee engagement, and

• Using effective structures to enable faster decision-making, customer focus and agility to put plans into action                                              

Why is this different?

This is not just a training programme. The Outperformance Hub will expose you to a group of business professionals who will work alongside you to increase your capability to achieve the ambition you have for your business, underpinned by our outperformance model.

What do you get?

• Professional and personal support -1:1 mentoring and group training. 6 businesses are on each programme

• Access to the international best practice Investors in People standard

  • · Leadership development framed on the i4 Neuroleader Model

Who should attend?

Business owners and leaders who want to transform their businesses by managing growth and creating sustainable profitability. Therefore,  leaders who:

• Are motivated to challenge current practices to improve business performance. 

• Know their businesses can achieve more but would like a ‘heads-up’ on how to do this.

• Want to build people capability of their team so they can let go of some functions.

• Desire to make things easier and spend more time doing the things they enjoy the most. 


 For more information download our brochure or email us. 

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